Spaanse privélessen online

Ben je op zoek naar Spaanse privélessen online? Haal het meeste uit je lessen met onze ervaren docenten.

Spaanse privélessen online 1
  • Wil je je voorbereiden op een officieel examen? Heb je specifieke behoeften voor je werk?
  • Wil je de enige student in de klas zijn? Dit is de beste optie voor je.
  • Onze docenten zullen zich richten op de onderwerpen en onderwerpen die je het meest interesseren.

Op maat gemaakte online privélessen Spaans

Heb je speciale behoeften? Deze lessen zijn perfect voor jou.

Voordelen van onze privélessen

  • Ontworpen door professionals: Leer Spaans via een academisch programma dat is ontworpen en wordt begeleid door professionals.
  • Persoonlijke aandacht en begeleiding door onze ervaren docenten.
  • Veel uitgebreider en effectiever dan een Skypechat.
  • Neem al je twijfels weg en versterk je kennis van het Spaans.

Wat is jouw niveau Spaans?

Doe de test om erachter te komen welke cursus het beste bij jou past.

Spaanse privélessen online 2

Wat vinden onze studenten van onze cursussen Spaans?

Dit zijn enkele van de meningen van onze studenten. Jullie zijn degenen die ons de prijzen geven!

Spaanse privélessen online 3
Sarah Berryman
A friendly school with great teachers and nice facilities. I was only there for a week but my confidence in speaking improved significantly. I came on my own but it was so easy to make friends through all the social activities and I loved meeting people from all over the world from ages 19-70. I had an amazing time and hope I can go back for longer next summer!
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Seha Liah
Tout !!!...
Les profs, les organisateurs, l'ambiance, les cours, les activités extra-cours, tout est génial !!! allez y ! 😀 <3
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Places 2go?
I took classes at Taronja for three weeks in October and can highly recommend the school. I cannot imagine there being a better school. I scouted for months before making the decision and was so glad I had chosen Taronja. There are several points which make it such a good school. - the highly motivated and friendly teachers - there effort at getting everyone to speak Spanish only, which of course speeds up your acqusition of the language - the extracurricular activities are not only interesting, but help increase your language skills and keep you busy (if you are alone, it's nice to have something to keep you active especially the first week when you don't know your way around yet) I will definitely take more classes here. I recommend saving yourself all the time needed for researching the internet. You have made the right decision with Taronja! My greetings to everyone there. Linda
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Stefano Tonani
tuve una buena experiencia en esta escuela , y , además , las profesoras / los profesores han sido muy simpaticos y de calidad.
esta escuela es verdaderamente una emoción unica.
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Nathalie B.
I am student who just finished high school and decided to take a gap year and learn a language. One of my friends was in Taronja School last year for 3 months and she loved it, so she recommended me to spend some time there in Valencia. I spent 6 months in the school and had one of the best times of my life. I arrived with a very low spanish level, and weeks after weeks, I could see my progress. Later in October, I felt confortable enough with my spanish to take the DELE-B2 preparation lessons at the school as well. Coming to Valencia, I never thought I would improve that fast. Even more, the teachers are very nice and pay attention to every student in the class. Finally, what makes the school also so special are the activities, they make it very easy to meet other students and make friends as soon as you arrive. I definitely wanna come back again!
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Kim Jautze
I’ve been at the Taronja school for only one week but I’ve had a great experience with the teachers, the methods that they use (which are super interactive and fun) and the organization of the school. I would definitely recommend this school if you want to learn Spanish in Spain!
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