Taronja’s online Spaanse lessen

zijn een andere manier waarop je je mondelinge vaardigheden kunt verbeteren en op een leuke en plezierige manier kunt leren hoe wij Spanjaarden zijn.

Spaanse lessen online 1

Dit zijn sessies van mondelinge online interactie met gekwalificeerde moedertaal sprekende docenten die ervaring hebben met het lesgeven van Spaans door middel van ICT (informatie- en communicatietechnologie). Deze sessies zijn ontworpen volgens het Gemeenschappelijk Europees Referentiekader voor Talen (CEFR) en het leerplan van het Instituto Cervantes. Het doel is het ontwikkelen van Interculturele Communicatieve Competentie, en mondelinge expressie en interactie, tussen de deelnemers in individuele of groepssessies bijgestaan, begeleid en georiënteerd door een van onze docenten.


Online Spaanse lessen en niveaus

Met onze cursussen kun je je spreekvaardigheid verbeteren en op een leuke en plezierige manier de Spaanse manier van leven leren kennen.

Wat is jouw niveau Spaans?

Doe de test om erachter te komen welke cursus het beste bij jou past.

Spaanse lessen online 2
Spaanse lessen online 3

Weet je nog steeds niet zeker welke voordelen onze online Spaanse lessen hebben?

  • Weet je nog steeds niet zeker welke voordelen onze online Spaanse lessen hebben?
  • Je krijgt persoonlijke aandacht.
  • Je houdt van flexibele schema’s.
  • Je oefent inhoudelijk:
    • Hieronder volgen enkele van de concepten die zijn opgenomen in het leerplan van het Cervantes Instituut.
    • Aangepast aan jouw niveau (A2, B1, B2).
  • Je ontvangt lesmateriaal voor elke sessie.
  • Je kiest voor individuele of groepssessies.
  • Je oefent 60 minuten lang Spaans.

Het is niets moeilijks. Je kiest je lessen, je schema, en wij doen de rest.

  • Ons docententeam beoordeelt jouw niveau van het Spaans in een mondeling interview.
  • Je kiest het aantal sessies, de modaliteit, de voorgestelde onderwerpen volgens uw niveau (A2, B1, B2) en het schema.
  • Toegang tot een virtueel klaslokaal waar je al het materiaal voor elke sessie hebt, evenals ondersteunende activiteiten en video’s.
  • Geniet van je Spaanse lessen online.

Je hebt niet de technologie van de toekomst nodig. Het belangrijkste is dat je Spaans wilt leren en een goede tijd wilt hebben met je leraar.

  • Computer.
  • Breedband-internetverbinding (beter via de kabel).
  • Hoofdtelefoon met ingebouwde microfoon.
  • Skype account.

Onze docenten Spaans

Wat vinden onze studenten van onze cursussen Spaans?

Dit zijn enkele van de meningen van onze studenten. Jullie zijn degenen die ons de prijzen geven!

Spaanse lessen online 4
David S.
The school is located in the center of the city and easy to reach by public transportation or by walking. Everybody at the office is friendly and very helpful, they listen and understand your needs. They help you not only with school stuff but also with the matters of daily life and culture. Teachers are always prepared for the classes and they teach with an effective fun way. They understand your level and find out a way to make you understand and learn in a supportive way. Modern methods like internet and interactive whiteboard are used during the classes , which make the lessons flow easily. Grammar , reading, conversation, listening are well balanced. In a week different teachers are teaching in any given class that provides different styles, techniques and accents. Besides regular classes there are more classes to choose from ( like conversation ) according to one’s needs. Every week there are some activities, day trips and social gatherings so one can learn and experience more about the culture. The timetable of classes is constantly rotating hereby assigning a morning class on a day and an afternoon class on another day. Altogether it makes learning Spanish and Spanish culture easy, fun and effective process. Additionally Valencia is a very beautiful city with lovely locals. The city offers almost everything. Thank you all so much.
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Hana Zemcik
Had a GREAT time and improved my spanish a LOT in Taronja. The lecturers were pros and the out-of-school program was very entertaining. Without doubt, I recommend Taronja and Valencia (y)
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Max Weigand
I enjoyed my classes at the Taronja school. I had nice teachers (Ne, Sa, Ya) and learned a lot of Spanish. I got a lot of attention from the teachers, the interns and the organizing staff. There are a lot of younger students (18-30) but I am sure middle-aged or older students have a lot of fun as well. I felt a little bit like back in school 18 years ago. I enjoyed this feeling.There are many activities during the week. You get the chance to talk a lot of Spanish (if you want to talk Spanish). I can't understand most bad recommendations. If you want high-educated native speakers with classes of 4 persons and the very same Spanish level someone has to tell me a country in Europe where you get this below 800 Euros a week! The price-performance ratio is very good, in my opinion. I am sure for the money you pay you get a Spanish boost and a good time (I can't say anything about the accommodations, because I stayed somewhere private). I sometimes have the feeling that in the eyes of foreigners spanish teachers and staff are expected to work for small salaries (instead of a fair salaries). Maybe this is something to reflect on and everybody is free to invest in private lessons. The new school building is very, very nice! I strongly recommend this school (also for students older than 30)!
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Eva S
Entering the school through a beautiful massive and decorative door (on a street where you’d love to have your coffee and lunchbreaks), the inside will surprise you even more: an explosion of colours, art and atmosphere. And that’s what the teachers carry out too: such passion and enthusiasm. But the learning doesn’t stop as soon as class comes to an end. Taronja organises plenty of very fun, optional activities. In the afternoon, evening and even in the weekends. No chance to get bored here… I’m going to stay longer!
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5 star rating
Ottima scuola per studenti stranieri che vogliono imparare lo spagnolo In soggiorno a Valencia abbiamo approfittato per far svolgere un corso di 2 settimane a mia figlia che voleva approfondire il suo spagnolo. Consigliatami da amici si è rivelata una proficua esperienza. Ho parlato con gli insegnanti che fin da subito ho trovato gentili e disponibili. Mia figlia mi ha riferito che l'ambiente e il personale sono molto accoglienti. Gli insegnanti sono coinvolgenti e qualificati, oltre alla didattica partecipano alle attività organizzate della scuola. Ha avuto l'opportunità di conoscere persone da tutto il mondo e migliorare il suo spagnolo in poco tempo divertendosi. È stata un'esperienza molto positiva, infatti questa estate ci ritornerà ed io ne approfitterò per rifare un bel viaggio.
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5 star rating
Great school of Spanish language Several years ago I've studied at Taronja school for 2 weeks and it was a great time that I still remember. The teachers were enthusiastic and spent a lot of time with there students not only in classes but also during extracurricular activities. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot in just 2 weeks in Valencia. I still remember this great time and I would love to come back to the beautiful city of Valencia and this wonderful school!
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